Did I just make a big mistake?


Hi guys!

Some time ago I received a tax refund and I decided to buy myself a pair of powerblocks, specifically "PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells Sport 50". Having scheduled FB fit this week, I was super stoked to see what difference a pair of powerblocks would do to my fitness level in comparison to a pair of 6 lbs dumbbells I used the first time I did the FB fit program. The package was just delivered to my apartment and I immediately had second thoughts on whether it was a smart move to get the heavier ones instead of Sport 24. They are so darn heavy!! The reason why I got the heavier ones is bc I thought then I will never outgrow them and therefore I won't need to put more money on powerblocks in the near future. Now I'm thinking it will be a real challange for me to increase weights with these because the amout of increasments is 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 lbs per hand. I feel a little stupid to be honest, what was I thinking?

However, I'm stuck with them now and I would really appreciate some uplifting words from you guys. Has anyone done the same thing, and what was that experience like? Do you guys think it will work fine anyways?

Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day everyone!