Missing Food from Home?


So, I’m curious - how many of you are living somewhere other than where you were born? A different city, state, country?

When it comes to nutrition (food, in general), is there anything that you just cannot get where you are now…that you really, really miss? The reason I ask is to commiserate with my wife.

For #chefinthemaking, we definitely have so many more ingredient options where we live now than anywhere we’ve lived before, but that still doesn’t stop her craving foods she loves, but that are not as readily available here (or are simply different).

One thing that we ate very often previously was buckwheat (as a side dish, as an ingredient, as porridge, etc.).

Actually, I’m not properly describing things - #chefinthemaking absolutely ADORES buckwheat, so when she came across some on grocery-shopping day, she snatched it up immediately.

However, just like with many ingredients, the buckwheat is “not the same” as she is used to at home. Always the intrepid culinarian, she pushed forward and came up with an amazing (and super healthy) meal - buckwheat with mushrooms on a bed of lettuce, with roasted eggplant salad on the side. But it still wasn’t the same...

So, for us, buckwheat is one thing we cannot get here (at least the same kind of buckwheat) - and one thing that we miss terribly!

What about you all? Any similar ingredient deficits or cravings? :)