FB Sweat Day 4, kinda


Complete! The “kinda” is because I swapped days 4 and 5, did the fifth day today to make tomorrow upper body, to be able to do Daniel’s brutal new one the day after :)

Whenever I start switching around instead of following a program exactly, a little voice in my head starts complaining “this is NOT how it’s supposed to be done!”, like I’m doing myself a disservice and ruining the program experience, but I just couldn’t wait 3 more weeks. What’s done is done. Ninth attempt at “don’t change anything in a program” failed, but I still have a chance of making it with “at least don’t skip anything” with the extra credits so far :)

Anyhow, a good #daycomplete, both videos were my all time favorites. Added some extra stretching again and hopefully I won’t walk too funny tomorrow.


Oooooh I almost forgot! A victory today – I finally found a grip of the dumbbells (for squats and similar) that doesn’t feel awkward for my messed up shoulder! So I think I’ll be able to add some weight soon :)