Strong and lean 5 day program


Hi All, hows your day going?

So today was supposed to be day 3 of strong and lean but unfortuantly I am so sore from day 1 and day 2 that I'm having a rest day today. This is the second time I'm doing this 5 day program (last completed in Dec) and the same thing happened then haha.

Hoping I'll be feeling it tomorrow as its HIIT and core and I want to do full intensity. In all fairness I could manage the low impact version today but I enjoy HIIT so much id rather give it my all when my hamstrings hopefully feel better tomorrow.

I normally crave carbs but strangly today I was craving scrambled egg and avocado for breakfast and lunch I had a Large mixed salad with Chicken and the other 1/4 of avocado this morning. Strange but listening to my bodys cues on what to eat / do. Relaxing today and recovering. Roll on day 3 tomorrow! Now for a bath :)

Hope everyone is having a good day.