Savannah, Special Olympic, non-scale victory


Hi everyone, I am Savannah's mom and I am writing on behalf of her because she is at her dad's for a week.

Yesterday, Savannah competed in the Special Olympic. She did running, long jump and throwing a baseball.

Last year when Savannah did the 50 meter run, she walked the entire distance and we were very proud of her.

This year, she decided to run the 100 meters. She shot out of the gate running full speed and did not stop until she crossed the finish line. She took 1st place. We are very proud parents. She ran the 100 meters in 20 seconds.

We did not know Savannah could run. When Savannah does run her body tilts to the right. As she was running the tilting got worse and she was almost bent in half, sideways, by the time she crossed the finished line.

The reason I am sharing all this with you, was Savannah's answer when I ask her why she decided to run this year?

Answer: I wanted all my friends to see how strong i am getting from working out with Kellie and Daniel.

This community and their support have encouraged my daughter to workout every day she is home since she signed up. Before your support Savannah did not like to sweat, run or exercise. Now she is showing the results to our local community and working hard every day. Friday when she workout before leaving, she sweated so bad we could ring out her hair. She was so proud of herself.

Thank you Daniel and Kelli for all you do for all levels of fitness. Thank FB family for being so supportive and encourage to everyone and especially to my very special daughter.

Peace, love and harmony