My Fitness blender journey - before and after (still continuing)

Hello FB family,

I just wanted to share my story as I was inspired by so many of you when I started my journey.

This is just the beginning but I feel that I am on the right path.

4 years ago when I had my son, the doctor said that I would not be able to loose the baby weight... something to do with hormones (74kg at the time).

I was 90kg 2 years before that and when I slowly changed my eating habits I lost weight, I was also running too, 2-3 times a week and that was it.

So after my son was born, I was eating the same as I was when I lost weight before but I wasn’t loosing any weight this time. I started to exercice more but I was hungry all the time and wasn’t feeling any result.

I discovered at that time fitness blender and did a few workouts here and there but without any plan, I was mostly doing cardio workouts, with sometimes hiit. Still the energy was not the greatest...

Then, in January of this year, I bought my first fitness blender program : FB burn, I did 1 week and that was it...maybe it was too challenging, or I wasn’t ready...

In February I got FB30 (round 4) and that was perfect, the workouts was the perfect length to fit them before going to work ! I did 2 rounds and then purchased FB sweat, again perfect length if you don’t do the extra workouts.

I will do those programs a few times, and then I will try to do then again with the extra credits.

So here is my before and after for now, after 2 rounds of FB 30 (round4) and 1 round of FB sweat.

I finally drop a few kilos (around 69kg now) and I feel so much better (energy, mood), I feel stronger and I change my mindset completely.

I hope I will be posting again after maybe 2 more programs...

THANK YOU Kelli and Daniel, thank you Fitness blender !

PS : sorry for my English this is not my first langage...