Braised Cabbage Anyone?


#chefinthemaking walked into my office yesterday and said, “sweetheart, what do you think about тушеная капуста (braised cabbage) for dinner?”

I was quick to respond that тушеная капуста sounded great.

A while later, after we had eaten dinner and I had greedily gobbled up my braised cabbage, she asked, “I’m curious, would most Americans like тушеная капуста?”

After thinking about it for a minute, I answered, “well, probably not; it’s just not something we eat very often.”

She looked at me like I was crazy (since Russians eat braised cabbage quite often).

Since I saw she was a bit upset by the revelation that Americans may not like one of the most common, nostalgic dishes from her childhood, I responded, “but that’s actually better - means more for me!”

I’m so selfless…

So, I'm many of you do (or would) eat braised cabbage?

P.S. Fun fact, Russians eat the most cabbage (per capita) of any group in the world. Know how much they eat? I looked it up - 20 kg (44 pounds) per year...per person! That's a lot of cabbage.