HKS Accountability Group May 3


Good morning!

I took kind of an unintended rest day today. I woke up pretty late, and opted to put together my meal plan for next week.

My life is about to get turned on its head for a bit. Not in a bad way, it's just that I got invisaligners, and there's a few things that are going to change... like you can't eat with them in, and you shouldn't drink anything other than water, or you'll stain your teeth.

Right now, I usually enjoy a coffee in the morning before my workout, but from now, I'll be working out first, then popping out the braces and having a quick morning coffee with breakfast before I leave the house... It's actually really great, because even on those mornings where I accidentally sleep in, I'll always have time for the workout, now, lol.

It does also mean I can't really snack all day long like I have been, so I planned out some breakfast that I can make at home real quick and then lunches. Good food things. Looooots more water intake. I never would have predicted the healthy impact these trays would have on my life.

It's scary because I was hoping to have time to build some new habits before the trays got here, but we're just going to crack into it, I guess! I looked at my coffee this morning and thought "This is my last lazy morning," with a sigh. I'm so dramatic.

I hope you all have a lovely day!