Proper dip in the sea .... only a dip though


This morning after Roamblender the other girls all had to get to work, so they rushed off. Almost makes me feel guilty for not having to go to work....

Anyway, last night I had decided I should get back into dipping into the sea again and getting my body used to the water temperature! So I brought both my towel and monk towel down to the beach. I didn’t bother to change into swim gear (or a wetsuit, that really is so much hassle!). I just went in in my workout leggings and workout bra..... with an empty beach, who cares what I am wearing anyway?!?! It was SUPER! It was a bit of a shock when I dived in, but then it was actually quite pleasant. I think that was mainly due to the sun being out and no wind whatsoever, even though the sea temperature is still only 10.5 degrees. I swam only a tiny weeny bit, but I swam! That’s the main thing, I guess. I am sure I will be doing more soon.

I love the pic of me with the orange towel around me “contemplating the world”.... pics were made by one of the girls who decided work could wait for a bit, oops!