Miss my workouts!


First of all, I want to say that I LOVE these programs!! After the birth of my son, I really started getting back into shape and losing weight. Was in the Marines for four years and got out due to injury and really just got lazy and didn't care about staying in shape or anything like that. After my son, I decided I needed a change for the better. Started eating right again, working out and lost a total of 75 lbs doing it! I was so super excited. Then I got sick. Gallstones and endometriosis. Not very fun, but because I have been in and out of the hopsital so much and in so much pain and puking every time I turn around, I haven't been able to workout in almost six months, and let me tell you, I miss it!! Hoping the doctors can get a proper treatment plan together so that I can get back to feeling healthy again.

I have, however, gotten quite a few people to check out your workouts here. Even if I'm not able to do them at the moment, I love telling people how I lost the weight and how amazing I feel with these programs! I can't wait to get back to my workout complete status and feel better, but in the mean time, I can keep spreading the word to my friends and family! Thank you guys so much for doing what you do so that people like me can get back into shape and feel great about doing it! My goal is to get back to where I was and be able to do some harder level stuff than what I was doing!