FBfit Complete! 💪🏻 Starting again tomorrow.


Hi Everyone!

I completed FBfit round 1 today. It’s a few days later than I should have completed, but I was taking a break because I was sick. I didn’t do the post physical fitness test because I am doing that tomorrow when I start the program over again. I know I have improved in a lot of ways. I can do a lot more push ups and keep up with the workouts better. I lost an inch on my waist and I have also noticed some muscle toning.

I didn’t pay very close attention to my diet the first round through, so this time I am going to pay close attention and try to stick with less processed foods. I’ll post photos when I get done with my second round of FBfit round 1.

Who all is starting FBfit tomorrow? I hope you’re all doing well. ❤️