Conquering Soreness??


Hi everyone! I just completed my FB calendar for the next 2 months, in the hopes that I will stick to it and actually start to see some progress.

Every other time I've done FB, I have loved the routines -- and have listened to my body enough not to push beyond my limits -- and have sweated and felt good afterward. However, since I am a bit out-of-shape at the moment, the next 2-3 days I am unbelievably not only do I have to wait until my body calms down enough for me to be able to WALK properly, but I am tramautized and avoid working out again for a while.

I assume someone would suggest to "start small" and just do 10-15 minute exercises until I'm used to it.....but actually THOSE videos are the ones that are getting me sore!!! LOL

Are there any tips/tricks to dealing with sore muscles? Especially quads and hamstrings....they hate me the most :)

Thanks everyone!