Down, not out...


My calendar for April is pathetic. I completed FB blend and it was awesome. I thought I will take a week break and jump into 5 day challenges. The break ruined it. It gave me an excuse to rest and my body got used to resting. So much so that it refused to wake up in the morning, makes me crave (and sometimes eat) sugary stuff that I don't even like. I slipped for 2 weeks.

Usually, the "me" from last year would have said lets call it a day and forget about fitness thing. But the two month of working out with FB gave me the feeling the sugar can never compensate. So I am back on the wagon. Went for a clothing haul and got new activewear and also some resistance bands to add onto my pilates. Today, despite being Sunday, I broke my rule and did a full fledged workout 44min with Kelli which had HIIT, Strength and Core. It made me realise how much I slacked by not even doing bedtime stretches. 10 min into the worout, I had to take a 15 min break. I decided then that I am going to reel myself back in.

Long story short, I know its okay to take rest days but only if I get back in. So instead of the exit door, I chose the 5 Day Strong & Lean Challenge to get back on track.

Any one else out there worried about blank month on their calendar, please do something to come back & like Kelli said, do something the tomorrow YOU would thank you.