No FB... but plenty other super activities done!


On Friday hubby and me walked 20k (from Bournemouth to Swanage) along a virtually empty beach and coastal path, as it was very windy and plenty cold. We did the same walk, but in the other direction, a year ago. Last year I felt knackered afterwards, this year I felt I could have walked on for longer !!!

Yesterday I was a marshall on an obstacle race, 10k. I was on the very last obstacle, on a high platform, a very frightening gap between two platforms for the competitors to jump/climb across. A lot of them were tired and scared of what they saw. I talked them across, lent a hand, pulled at body parts to get them under a metal bar, cleaned hands and saw some panicky faces turn into triumphant faces after scaling the gap! After nearly 6 hours on top of that platform, in super high winds, with hail at some point, I was too knackered to run the race myself... but I am hoping to do it next year some time. Photo shows me on top of the platform (I climbed the cargo net with a cup of tea in my hands at one point😜), wearing six layers of clothing and a borrowed hat....

Then today was a beach clean litterpick session organised by a neighbouring council. About 55 people turned up.... I won’t bother to mention what we collected (frighteningly disgusting, horrendous, awful, saddening!), but there was a huge jellyfish washed up on the beach, the first one I have come across since I moved here. Didn’t want to touch it to see if it was still alive. Now I am just having a lazy afternoon finishing my book!