Freelancing and Fitness


Hi FB Family, This goes out to all freelancers and self-employed folks in this community - but also to all the other busy people.

Why I am writing this:

I started my own consulting business (sustainability communication and stakeholder management) last year in October. Setting up a company in Germany is no easy feat, since the country is not known for supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs.

I had to work on writing my business plan, get insurance and finance stuff sorted, create my website and other marketing material. Then also: networking, contacting former colleagues, do additional certification courses.

The road to my first actually paid business contract was long, painful and nerve-wracking.

During that phase, there were two things that helped me in the process: my significant other and Fitness Blender.

As a freshly minted freelancer, working out with Kelli and Daniel was not only good for my mind and body, but... whenever I look at them in their workout videos, I also see them as courageous people who actually did what I was doing at that time: setting up their own business and, eventually, becoming successful.

So, folks: whether you're in the process of going freelance or whether you're seasoned successful entrepreneurs: we owe a lot of our physical and mental health to excercise!

Thank you, Kelli and Daniel, for always being with me every day of my life. And thanks to this awesome community of support, warmth and encouragement. Happy Training! :-)


PS: in case you're interested in knowing more about what I do, I invite you to check out my website @Admins: this is for information purposes only! I do not intend to sell any of my services here at FB! If this is against your community guidelines, I will erase the link of course. Thank you :)