Hello There :) 1 year of training

Hello FB community :)

I wanted to share with you the result of this milestone of my journey, with much ups and downs..falling off the wagon, dusting up and getting on the wagon then again getting run over by the same f***ing wagon :p

For 4 years I let go of myself, sunk in depression and comforted by food..so I decided to change for the better..at first , i did it for superficial reasons ( that and mom asking: honey are you pregnant? are you suuure sure?), then my mindset shifted: I am happier when I break a sweat and challenge myself ( i no longer use the scale..well i used it once coz i needed 1kg of flour and I do not have the cooking scael thingy and calculated the delta: simple math guys!)

my body is stronger, my mind is stronger and I got Kelli and Daniel to thank for that.

Sorry guys for the quality of the pictures, but to recap concrete results:

- I now have calves

-my mid section is down from 97cm to 75cm

-I have 5 abs ( the lower 2 abs are still a couple and apparently signed a prenup or sth!!)

-I can lift heavier

I am generally an improved version of myself :)

Oh yes, skin and hair are far better with the healthy eating thing

God speed,