Daily Check-in: Friday, April 26th


(Are you guys sick of chicken pictures yet?)

Hello Blenders!

We did it! We made it to Friday! Whew. About dang time, huh? haha

This week seemed to kind of drag on, so I'm glad it's just about done. I'm ready for some weekend fun and relaxation. I think Hubby and I will start prepping our garden, put up new fencing for the chickens, and get our berry patch done. It's still too early to plant things, but hey, we can at least get some of the work started.

What about you guys? Do you have any weekend plans you're looking forward to?

And I've got yet another chicken collage for you today! This is my trick chicken: Diana, the White Rock. She doesn't realize she's a chicken. I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a human. She is exceedingly intelligent and figures things out, which in turn usually gets her into trouble. For example, she knows I keep dog treats in the left pocket of coat, and she has no qualms whatsoever about reaching in there and pulling them out whenever I'm kneeling down doing something. Diana also comes when she's called, will jump on command like in these pictures (especially if there's bread involved), and is surprisingly independent for a chicken--i.e. she doesn't really have that need to flock. She also lays a very large brown egg (she lays the biggest eggs out of all my chickens).

And if you've ever wondered: "Do chickens get their Workout Completes, too?" (asking the really real stuff here), the answer is yes, most definitely. I mean, just look at Diana, jumping like that. So graceful. So much finesse. It's because she's so very fit. Not at all just because there's bread.


So it's mostly the bread.

But nevertheless:

"This chicken workout is complete."

And with that, I will stop talking about chickens (for today, anyway haha).

How are you all doing today, Blenders? Are you feeling good? Did you have a long week?

How have your workouts been treating you?

Mine have been challenging this week, and won't get anyeasier today--as I have a 1000 Calorie Workout scheduled! It's the one for 2 million subscribers, and I can't decide if I'm looking forward to it or not. lol. It's a good workout, it's fun, but it's also a 1000 Calorie Workout, which is always a touch intimidating. Nevertheless, we'll get 'er done!

How about you guys? Are you working out today, or are you resting?

And what about something to refuel after all those tough workouts? What's on your menu today, Blenders?

I want brinner! Blueberry-banana pancakes with eggs, and maybe even some homemade sausage! YAASSS Please!! I am already drooling over it! haha

Well FB Fam, I think I've successfully went above and beyond in my ramblings today! (Sorry about that!)

I hope you all have a fantastic day today, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Take care, stay safe, and have fun in everything you to do today, Blenders!