FB Strong Check-in: almost didn't do it!


Oy, I almost didn't complete today's workout (Day 23, 3 days behind). I was on the verge of a cold, but took lots of Airborne vitamins, drank water, ate more fruit, and rested. Today, I felt tired, but much better and I thought, eh, I'm just gonna squeeze one in before dinner. I'm so glad I did! I pushed myself to try a lil heavier weight on a few exercises for the upper body descending reps video. LOL, I won't be going back to those heavier weights anytime soon, but it was fun and I feel great.

Oh yes, and here is a pic of a baby grand piano that only my boyfriend and I pushed out of a storage unit into a big truck last week... in the rain... at night... on my birthday. It was so heavy! And it was scary! Luckily, my fully capable cousin came over to help us unload it at our house. Our neighbor was quite alarmed when he saw us the next day moving it across boards (the ground was soggy) to a shed in our back yard.... We managed, it was much much easier than the night before lol.

I have Kelli and Daniel to thank for fully preparing me to move a piano... So thanks!!!

My boyfriend was tickled that I helped him move a piano as he has moved many a piano before but not with too many women lol. He has been bragging about me to his friends ever since, lol.

Here is a pic of that monster, Barry says it's maybe 500 lbs, but I think it's more like 800!!