Combo of the day complete (no modfication needed)+ Bump shot =)


Workout of the day complete, feeling good!

This week I'm doing 3 days of total body strenght + cardio, and 3 days of cardio + relaxing streching. Today was cardio + total body, and I changed the upper body strenght for kickboxing (I usually do that at least in one of the upper body days of the week).

Also, the number 2 there is not a workout of fitnessblender, here and there I add some different workouts to my calendar (tho rare). Is a "HIIT for beginners", that for me end up being a light cardio - a little more intense than the low impact FB cardios, but lighter than the normal ones, exctly the level I wanted for that combo.

This short lower body is my favorite short lower body strength workout. Just so effective. And those 45 seconds of jump squats at the end are a real killer!!!

Also, I did not need to do any modifications today, even with so many diferent videos, I was happy to see that there was no backbows or other exercises I don't get to do. It's nice not having to modify, and just follow along.

And finally, my 5 months + 1 day belly shot. Me and my big boy here are officially past 5 entire months, the time flies!!!