Wrist pain / gaglion cyst


Hello fellow FBers :)

Anyone having trouble with wrist pain / cysts? I tried the search and didn't come with any results even though i think i saw posts about this before.

I was told last year i have a ganglion cyst on my left wrist. At that point i was hurting to the point i couldn't hold a glass of water in that hand. I stopped working out for some months back then and the pain disappeared (the cyst got smaller?)? It wasn't visible anymore.

I started working out 2 months before x-mas and was taking it slow.. my wrist was fine till the last week before x-mas were i got once more to the point were my left hand was unusable. After 2 week holiday break my wrist is fine again but when i tried doing some planks/push ups, i felt the sting of the pain again so i stopped.

I end up doing jumping jacks/high knees/butt kickers instead of any workout involving stretching of the wrist. I don't have any trouble with dumbbells.

Anyone had this problem? Is this a "forever" kind of situation? If i strengthen my wrist slowly somehow will i avoid this pain?