Joined a gym


I bought an one-year gym membership for just 59 euros in my hometown. I live in a different city and I visit my hometown every Christmas, Easter and summer. Since I don`t have heavy weights here it was my only solution.

So today was my first day. I planned to do FB lower body descending reps but I did many other exercises that came to my mind. Thankfully no one paid attention to me.

What I saw was that many people were on the elliptical and tredmils and only a few teenagers were on free weights.

I guess this happens everywhere in the world.

The funny thing is that I have more space in my living room. The free weights room was not that big.

I took a 20 kgs barbell and put it on the squat rack and a member offered to help me. But of course I could do it myself. Women tend to seem weak and fragile but not us Blenders!

Ps. Still prefer working out in my living room and I kinda missed Kelli and Daniel today.