Healthy Eating Challenge Round 4 - Day 9


Hello FB Family!

How are you today? Did you spend a happy Easter? I hope so :D

Very early post this Monday because it's a holiday here and we're having my aunts, uncle and cousins for lunch again (e.g. who knows whether I'll be able to post later...). Look at it the practical way: there were so many left-overs from yesterday's lunch, that we NEED to have people over to help us eat them LOL.

One thing that's disappointed me is that it's raining and the wind is howling, so no pic-nic/cook-out (which is the traditional thing to do the day after Easter here in Italy - it's mandatory! Unless, of course, the weather doesn't cooperate). Well, we'll make do with just great company and good food. Who needs the sun if you have those?

Have a great day, Blenders!