trying not to get discouraged.


I was overweight when I started FB, and remain so. (Not FBs fault-mine). I am also the daughter of a linebacker, and it shows. My shoulders are broader than a lot of men's. At work, many people tell me I have lost a lot of weight, my muscles are bigger, I look great. However, some people tell me I need to do Zumba to lose weight. I then attend a Zumba marathon and find it easy. My husband tells me I have made no difference in my body. My father in law asked if my pants were maternity pants this weekend. He thought that was hilarious.

It is hard when I have been doing FB for 4 years, my fitness has increased exponentially- hello, I do HIIT. Stick that in your Zumba and smoke it. I do push ups and lunges and planks and lift weights. It's hard when people are so mean and presumptuous. I won't stop FB, I just wish I could show how hard I work. and that fitness looks different on everybody.