Healthy Eating Challenge Round 4 - Day 8 - Happy Easter!


Happy Easter, FB Family!

I hope you'll spend today with the people you love, enjoying good company and good food, and counting all your blessings :) It's what I plan to do!

Yesterday I got side-tracked by family and didn't manage to post. That's what happens when relatives you haven't seen in a while unexpectedly come to visit :) It was a great day, but not so healthy (all the blame goes to the home-made pastries said relatives brought *.*). Anyway, I said I wasn't going to feel guilty - and I'm not!

Today is going to be another family day: we're having lunch with my aunts and cousins and there's going to be delicious food all around: my mother's making fresh egg pasta, and there's beef stewing in tomato sauce. My aunts are cooking pasta with wild fennels sauce and toasted bread crumbs, baked chicken, and assorted baked veggies (fennels, onions, aubergines and courgettes). For dessert we're having the traditional Easter dessert, colomba pasquale ("Easter Dove"). My goal for today is to have a bit of everything and watch portion size. Fingers crossed ;)

Have a great day!