FB Burn - Round 1 Day 2 wish I had gone heavier...


I just completed day 2 of the original FB Burn and I really wish I had gone heavier for the first segment because by the time it came to lateral raises he said he was using 5lbs in both hands but I was able to do them holding 4kg (8.8lbs) ???

I had taken 3 weeks off after working out for 4 months and gotten burned out by my long workouts. I thought I should be conservative with the weight selection as I figured by the end of each exercise I would start to fail but most of them I didn't (just the first segment-the second I went heavier than I thought I could do and it was the right weight for me). I am surprised I guess I have retained the strength I gained from before the 3 week break.

I did do the extra credit workout to help make up for not going heavy enough. Since the info says they don't repeat workouts next time there is an upper body workout I will just lift a lot heavier than I think I can.