“Yep, Halle Berry does those....” Roamblender fun!


With some people on holiday and one injured, there were only three of us for Roamblender, so I contemplated cancelling it. I am so glad I didn’t! We had a really good workout and lots of fun!

Some of the exercises we did were: (on the beach) downdog with leg lift, side planks, (on a low wall) squat ups and squat sweeps. We skipped up 92 steps (ouch... our calves) and did ski squat to sumo squat down the steps. My husband remarked, when we were doing a bear crouch wall plank, that that was a new exercise. “Yep, Halle Berry does those...” surely a very logical explanation?!?! 🤣🤣

As our last exercises were in the local play area, where they also have a hammock, we decided we had earned ourselves a relaxing swing!!!

The photo shows our fun in the hammock and me doing a bird dog plank.... and a selfie after our cooldown on the beach. I was dripping with sweat and my glasses were all steamed up: signs of a good workout!