Lovely hike yesterday and “pride-evoking” run today!


As yesterday’s woodland management work party was cancelled, a group of us decided to go for a leisurely hike! We walked part of the coastal path in Dorset (UK).... always good for stunning views (see photo). We did a 10k hike, but decided to walk on a bit to go to a lovely pub for drinks. Back at the cars we had done a total of 14k, over 20.000 steps and plenty of height gain. The wind was very strong AND cold, but it was a fun day out!

I rescheduled FB Strong, as I just didn’t feel like doing an upper body after that walk and my arms were still sore from Saturday’s mountain bike ride.

As I am away for part of this week, I decided to get a practice run in this morning. I didn’t set myself a target distance or target time. I just starting running with beautiful music in my ears. The sea front was very cold with a bit of a storm going on. As I had decided to include a few inclines, I went up one of the cliffs, away from the sea AND the storm. I didn’t look at my watch to see how long I had been running, till I was 45 mins into the run. When I finished, it turned out I had run nearly 10k and I had run for 1 hour and 12 mins. With the hilly bits included, I was actually pretty pleased with/pretty proud of myself!!