HKS Accountability Group April 15


Good morning!

I'm about to start off Day 8 for FB30, but I thought I might take a moment to get the day going here first!

I took the full weekend off from working out. Saturday, we went out to Banff, which is in Alberta (Canada). Banff is like our version of a Colorado mountain town (I saw your question, Storm, I just hadn't had a chance to answer it!). Where I live (Calgary) is about an hour east from the Rocky Mountains... Banff is kind of just inside the Rockies - so you're surrounded by hiking trails, a gondola, etc.

We weren't there for long, so unfortunately, we didn't partake in a lot of the physical activities Banff has to offer. We just wanted to get away from Calgary for a bit and breathe some clean, fresh air!

Yesterday, I was extremely tired and fatigued. I went for my walk with mum, but otherwise laid low, so I am rescheduling Day 8 to today!

Have a wonderful morning!