Fields and Farms #WorkoutComplete


My first thought was to get my FB Strong workout done today.

Then, I thought that I'd try Daniel's new HIIT and Kickboxing video.

But after much careful consideration, and since I knew it would make #chefinthemaking happy, I decided to do a marathon...a marathon day of cutting grass, raking leaves, pruning trees, etc.

Oh, and added bonus, the #furrytrainers got to spend extra time outside, which they didn't mind in the slightest. They didn't actually help too much, of course - cut a branch, throw a ball; mow a row, throw a ball; bag some leaves, throw a ball.

Suffice it to say, I am WIPED out. #workoutDEFINITELYcomplete

P.S. Oh, and since I forgot to take any process pictures of my epic day in the yard, I was about to post with no pic...but then I happened to look up from my computer...and noticed a particularly "relevant" Soviet propaganda poster (I have many; #chefinthemaking hates them all).

"The whole class goes to work in the fields and farms."