Going to pack in a workout... last minute! Got to get moving.


So I’ve been putting off my workouts til the very last minute...like right now I’m on day 3 of FB30 (trial) but I want to start getting them knocked out before I get too distracted with the rest of my day. First things first is I need to get to bed earlier. I’m always up till 2 or 3 am sometimes even later! This has been my norm and its so hard to shift my brain for sleep. Anything you guys do to get tired and not stay up so late?

So, I’m going to get myself up at em again, gonna finish day 3. Will comment when done! Its 11pm here but I’ll try to tire myself out so I can sleep at least by 12:30 or 1am a lot earlier than yesterday. Thanks for posting your check ins everyone, it does really motivate me!! Gnight and G mornin’ To everyone who rocked it and will rock it today! Lol 😅