#WorkoutComplete!! 💪 Strong and Lean - Day 4


Hello, FB family!

How is your weekend going!?

Are you enjoying it with a nice workout? Or are you resting? 😊

Hope you are having a great one no matter what you are doing! 😊

For me, it was day 4 of the Strong and Lean challenge 💪 I almost finish the challenge!

It was a great one! I felt it harder than day 2 but it was great! My arms where begging me to stop at the end! 😅

As with the other day, I felt stronger than the last times doing this workout!

I lifted heavier weights for some exercises and did, a very long amount of time, the high impact version of the cardio intervals! 💪

As for the picture, it shows my favorite part of a workout! That moment when you realize that it is doneeee and you are waiting and anticipating for Daniel and Kelli to say the magic words: Workout Complete!

Also, I wish every men see his wife as Daniel sees Kelli! 😍

Have a nice and enjoyable weekend! 😊