After 15months of fitness blending I can finally say that I can feel huge improvements with my HIIT workouts. I actually CHOOSE to do HIIT now, instead of dreading it or avoiding it. I used to hesitate to do HIIT even if it was mixed with strength portions, but now I look out for it and make sure to add it in my schedule.

My question is, how much HIIT is too much? At the moment I’m making my own schedule up as I’ve been following program after program recently. I’m aiming to do 3x HIIT, 2x Strength and 1x Yoga per week - is this ok? I alternate the days, or sometimes I will do 2x HIIT, 2x Strength, and 1x Mixed for example. I know not to do push it consecutively.

I don’t want to over do it as I’m finally enjoying it, but I do want to make the most of the 4 weeks I have before my holiday to slim down that little bit more

Thanks in advance 😊