Heartbreak Hill, Buttbruiser Track...?!?!?! Non-scale victory!


We were supposed to help a friend out at bootcamp this morning.... but nobody other than our friend, hubby and me turned up! Luckily we had decided earlier in the week that we would go mountain biking afterwards. As we were waiting around, my husband decided to show us some isometric exercises: hands, palms facing inwards, in front of chest, opponent’s hands on the outside of yours. Then you push outwards and opponent pushes inwards against you.... I tried it with our friend, who is one of the fittest people I know! His comment during this isometric exercise: “gosh, you’re strong!!!”

YAY.... proud of myself!

The mountain bike ride afterwards “only” covered 22k, but... mostly consisting of technically difficult single tracks and some steep slopes. As we were struggling up the steepest bit of a hill, we decided to call it Heartbreak Hill. That got us onto other names for other tracks: the Collarbone path (where the trees are so close along the track that an incorrect move makes you end up with a broken collarbone), Scratching slope (single track lined with gorse and holly, you can guess the state of my legs afterwards) and my favourite ride as well as my favourite name: Buttbruiser track....this single track went up and down with loads of trees roots as well as dips and jumps! I looooved that one (my butt doesn’t agree though!). We did it three times!

Actually I had a non-scale victory: last time my husband and me were in this forest, we only did Heartbreak hill twice, both times I had to get off and walk the last, really steep, 5 meters. Today we did this hill three times and I managed to get to the top ALL three times!!! YAY... proud of myself again. Photo shows me at the beginning of Buttbruiser track!

All in all a perfect day, with lots of fun, lots of sun, though very cold. BTW no fb Strong for me today!