#ProgramComplete - Finished Booty and Flex!

It's been a long 4 weeks, but I did it! I completed both Flex and Booty!

Prior to these programs, I've completed FB30 Round 1 and 2 and Burn, but I have to say that these 2 programs combined have been my favorite. I really enjoyed all the strength training that both programs have, which has made me want to start Strong soon. I think that both programs are great on their own, but I agree with other people who say that they are amazing when combined. Most days were around 35-45 minutes without the extra credit videos.

While workouts in both programs were challenging, I would say that anyone familiar with HIIT and strength training would be able to complete both programs without trouble. If you're newer to exercise, I would recommend starting with another program like FB30 to build that foundation.

While I do not really see a difference in my before and after pictures, I'm still proud that I completed both programs!

Before/After Stats:

Weight: -2.6 lbs

Hips: -5 cm

Waist: -2 cm

Calf: -1 cm

Thigh: -3 cm

Arm: -2 cm

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!