#WorkoutComplete!! 💪 Strong and Lean - Day 3



How is the amazing people of this amazing community doing? 😊

Are you resting or working out today?

Remember, that even if we feel like working out on our rest days, our bodies need to heal and relax from time to time! So, take your rest days as seriously as your workout days! 😀

For me, it was day 3 of the Strong and Lean challenge!

I noticed that I can do Kick Throughs now! Not as perfect as Daniel, but I can! Hahaha 😅 And, as Kelli like to say "it is not a competition!" Hahaha!

So, even though I am more like Daniel, very competitive, I feel great that I am seeing progress each day!

I did, almost everything, high impact. Though, I was slower than Daniel but I did it! 💪

Also, I can do double toe taps too!

Anyways, it is so good when you go back to a very hard routine, and you realize that it is not as hard for you anymore! Isn't it?

Has this happened to you? Do you go back to a workout to see your progress and you find yourself proud about it!?

If you don't, DO!! Because, we are all getting better, in our own ways, each day! Always keep the talk to yourself kind, grateful and positive!

Anyways, maybe you don't get sweaty knees but, do you get your face red when you do a FB workout?

I know I do! 😅

Happy friday!!!