Can't get rid of this cold! Day 4 Strong rescheduled


Well, every time I think I've beaten this almost 3 week long lurgy thing, it comes back. Today I was still aching from days 1-3 of Strong and felt tired and run down, despite really not being run down at all. So I decided I need the day off exercise. Tomorrow if I'm ok I'll do Day 4.

But...will be careful amount of weight as we'll be waking around Paris all weekend and a lower body workout may be a bad idea tomorrow šŸ¤£

Will just listen to my body!

Anyone have the same problem of just not getting rid of a cold? It was a cold, then a week a bit better, then flu type thing that had me out, then throat thing and now I'm on and off feeling better, but last night had a dry throat.

Also generally really really thirsty, despite drinking water. I'll drink more I guess!

End of moan šŸ˜‰