Staying motivated when you aren’t “seeing” results


I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. I was slender in my 20s, mainly through disordered eating and sporadic cardio (woo, Tai Bo!), but it crept up and up through my 30s. New Years 2017, when I realized I was back up to my 4 weeks postpartum weight, I started working out and paying attention to what I was eating. Found Fitness Blender not too long afterwards, got up to 5 workouts a week, and cut my sugars down a LOT. Counted my calories, started strength training, tracked my exercise/HR with FitBit, all that stuff.

Long story short, it is one year later and I’ve lost zero pounds. I am (basically) the same size that I was last year. I was at least seeing strength gains throughout the year, even if my body stubbornly refused to get leaner, but I developed a bad case of bronchitis in December and basically took the whole month off from working out besides walking. I got some PowerBlocks for Xmas and I got back on the workout train on the 1st of the year, but I’m weaker than I was at the end of November, and it’s very discouraging. And beyond that, it’s very discouraging to have *actual data* showing how hard I worked last year and *still* have nothing to show for it!

I’m going to keep working out, because it does help my mood and general sense of well-being and all, and it’s good to get stronger, however slowly that happens. But it’s hard to motivate myself or feel positive about my trajectory when it seems like overall, my body is stuck in limbo. How do you stay motivated when it feels like your body is conspiring against you?