FB + healthy eating results. Do not miss the gym at all!


So, I do not have a 'before" picture, and the question is not a really clear before and after some program, because I've done my own calendar, sweat, my own calendar again, and Burn. And I don't keep a precise track of time.

But for sure for all the years I've been in a gym, and counting calories, and stressing over the scale, I have not had better results.

I let go a little of the scale, compromize seriously with my FB workours (either it is a program or my own calendar) and eat a clean, unprocessed-food diet, most of the time, with an lowcarb aproach, and do some fastings, too.

I've never get better results, phisically but also and especially mentally.

If Imiss the gym or expensive equipament? Never. I don't need more then some pairs of dumbells (all bought in sale) and my TV. =)