FB Strong day 8 ... and yesterday’s spring flowers!!


Today I was going to go out for a practice run after coming back from our volunteering. But... the 30 min cycle ride with rain and wind against made me feel so cold (and pretty miserable!) that I decided to skip the run and start on week 2 of FB Strong. I fancied a good strength workout instead of a cold wet run!

Now obviously I will have to get up early tomorrow to do the run then ... I have put my running gear out already in the hope that that will make it easier tomorrow to do that run 😜

The pic is from flowers (and a bee!) I saw yesterday on my rest day in these amazing (privately owned) gardens a 20 min cycle ride from here. We walked around and just sat in the sun reading our books. I thought I would post, just to show that for this part of the world spring is definitely a fact!!!