Day 1 Strong complete and some lamb mince 中


In hindsight, doing a brutal lower body workout and then sanding two walls was a bit much for my body today BUT I feel so proud! Have also learned that I might chose to never sand a wall ever again.

Finally finished Low Impact and have been waiting patiently to start this new regime:

I want to do what I've seen others do on here, which is do 1 week Strong and then 1 week Sweat. I want to get my stamina up with Sweat and my strength up with Strong. I think this should work! So effectively I'm doing an 8 week program. Kind of exciting to think how my body will change in that time. I can't wait to be stronger and leaner!

Posted a cheeky photo of dinner tonight. Fancied lamb mince, but as that's higher in fat than any others I served mine with spiralized courgette. Husband had pasta. It was a kind of lamb mince, aubergine, carrot, tomato, tamarind ragu thing. Yummy!

As my bday present treat (was in March) we're going to Paris this coming weekend (a pro of living in the UK! And no, I don't want us to leave *insert crying and screaming here*). Lots of walking will happen, but I'm most pleased that I'll get to complete the first week of Strong before going 不 how my priorities have changed!