Needing suggestions

Sorry for the long post...

I’m needing a little encouragement here. I’m on day 12 of sweat and the first week went really well! But this week has been not so good. Thursday was a rough day, horrible cramps and nausea, and I had a 5/5 HIIT workout scheduled. Well, I did my warmup and first 2 exercises and for the first time in the 3 months I’ve been going strong I had to pick a different workout because I just couldn’t do it. And I think I’ve completely gotten in my own head about it. Yesterday was a cardio workout and I know I didn’t push myself because now all I hear in my head is “you can’t do it”. I’m feeling fatigued and kind of defeated. Today I did complete my HIIT & strength workout, and I tried to psych myself out by saying “you’re going to complete this and you’re going to do the best you can” but honestly I was dreading it all day and could not wait until it was over. I have seen incredible results so far, and I know what I am capable of and I think that’s why I’m so frustrated and disappointed. I’ve got a 16 month old and work full time and I haven’t been sleeping well, maybe it’s just catching up to me. Any suggestions on how to get OUT of my own head with this negativity is greatly appreciated.