How I started doing HIIT and Strength Training

I really thought I needed to share this with you guys, I love HIIT and Strength Training, but I remember the days it used to be impossible for me. I never hated strength training, but it was just that I never had dumbbells to do it. HIIT was even worse-I wouldn't even look properly at one!

I would always skip 4/5 workouts AND workouts with weights (because I didn't have them). It was an impossible task, and I was sort of a beginner, trying 3/5 workouts, and not more than that.

I believed that 4/5 was never possible for me, and I always failed miserably when I tried it. But when I stepped out of my comfort zone, I began to slowly love HIIT and I grew to like strength training as well. It has been a huge impact on my life.

I realised I didn't always need weights-I could work against my muscles and use something heavy around the house(it can even be a single thing). I started building up endurance on steady state cardio. I soon realised that slow never meant never and soon I made progress.

I slowly noticed that I felt better, improved my academic performance as well as for sports(I was still athletic back then). I also had little time(I am 13) because of homework and school related projects. FB's short workouts helped a lot!

If you are a beginner and you are still starting up, I tell you, don't give up. Be consistent, set time to workout everyday and love and respect your body and it's starting points. You can do more than your current limits, and you can be more than your imagination. I know it worked for me, and surely it will work for you!