No working out this weekend...but nutrition in control!!


This weekend I have 9hrs of session recording Saturday and then Sunday rehearsals and a concert a 2hr drive from home (I'm a violinist). So there is basically no room to do a workout, also...this much playing, when engaging the core too, is a full body workout sometimes! I hope to manage a 5 or 6 minute stretch session each day because my body will need it, but that's it.

Food!! I've got meals already made!


• Breakfast is low sugar/high protein granola with 0% Greek yogurt and fruit.

• Lunch is tofu & vegetables on quinoa with an egg. Soy, ginger and chili dressing.

• Dinner is a pasta salad with little pieces of goats cheese as a flavourful addition, but otherwise a variety of salad and a small portion of pasta (white as I ran out of brown!).


• Breakfast will be an egg and veggie sausage sandwich to eat on route.

• Lunch will be same as Saturday but on buckwheat.

• Dinner will be at home, made by husband - HOMEMADE PIZZA. My reward 😝

Will DEFINITELY start FB Strong on Monday and I'm so excited as I've done it before and seen such great results, both physically and mentally.

Have a good weekend everyone!

P s. The photo is of my prepared meals....except for bottom right corner which is my lunch from today. Basic chicken salad with egg. The chicken was cooked yesterday with a mix of rosemary, lemon, oregano, tumeric and parsley.