JUMP Challenge: Day FIVE


^It's okay if you want to roll your eyes a little at yet another, Keep Calm and....*Put whatever situation applies here* but there's nothing eye rolling about the last day of the challenge! We just might need to keep calm after I tell you we are doing a level 5 HIIT with Daniel. Plus a quick calf burn out.

I'm not trying to kill you guys, I swear! :P

To talk a little about today, the jump roping might seem like rest intervals compared to the the HIIT we will be tackling, but the good news is that it's only 12 minutes of hard work! Just remember that as long as we safely push ourselves, take breaks as needed, and modify when we need to, we got this!

..And speaking of modifying, I'm feeling like I could add on the new core workout from Monday to today's routine: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/10-minute-abs-workout-at-home-abs-workout-with-no-equipment

^Note I'm not officially making this part of day five, because we didn't vote on it and to change the official schedule wouldn't be very cool of me; Unless you are the kind of folk who like surprise burpees, then yeah, have at it with me, lol..I've just been itching to try it and think it would work well for today. We shall soon see if I'm wrong about that😂

Also note there is a warm up built into the main workout today, but I've also supplied an independent warm up. Call it on oversight on my part🙈 ..So choose one, the other, or do both! Never any harm with extra warming up, right?

Okay, let's get to the good stuff! It's 35 minutes if you do everything listed under here:



WORKOUT: Warm up + Total body HIIT






If you tried out today, tell me how you survived! And in doing this day marks the end of the challenge! You made it! Do a happy dance if you got the energy! All that's really left will be the optional recovery for day SIX, so start thinking about your #JUMPChallengeComplete posts in the forum with an optional picture of maybe your jump rope, a selfie, thumbs up, you know the drill! Basically just doing how we've done in the past to celebrate the end of the challenge and working hard for the week! You guys have crushed it and done amazing so far! So share your experience if you feel like it when you're all done! Ah, but first, day five. Have fun!

PS: Just tuned in and feel like you want to tackle the JUMP challenge? Go here to bookmark the full schedule! https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/11736/jump-fb-community-challenge-schedule-results