“Stoer”.... tough, strong, powerful?! Anyway: Roamblender made us feel that way today!


At 6.15 this morning I was totally not into getting up, I could hear the sash windows rattle.... a big storm obviously! While walking to the beach I thought: I am soooo going back to bed once I finish Roamblender....drag feet, drag feet!

Down at the beach I realised that I needed to rethink my setup for today. We got blown off the sea front and the cliff top! So warmup and cooldown in a sheltered spot in the Tropical Gardens. Luckily benches can be found all over the place and the walls and the steps were out of the wind as well. We used loop resistance bands today for a lot of the exercises! Wow and ouch: they make for a whole new experience of soreness! When we were running towards the steps one friend said: “I can guess that one, walking up the steps with the band...” “You wrote my workout plan today, did you?!” was my reply. Well, I had a slightly different exercise planned: pushup, then walk up two steps at a time with the band indeed round our ankles. As she got to the top of the steps, she ‘happily’ said that her calves were screaming at her!

Our picture (the resistance bands needed to be in there of course) after our nice sheltered cooldown led to my comment “STOER!”... then we spent the next five minutes trying to work out what the English equivalent of this Dutch concept is! Mental as well as physical exercise it was today! I think the words tough, powerful, strong, muscled probably come closest. We DID feel strong indeed! And when we got to the top of the slope we were met by a beautiful sky (top right hand pic)! Bottom right hand pic shows how wild the sea was! Bottom left hand pic is my workout plan...

#RoamblenderComplete (Kim, thanks for using that term the other day, I love it!!!)