Trying to get pregnant!


so we are finally ready to try for a baby and I am so excited!

Of course, I googled a lot, just to make sure I know the basics (like what food might not be allowed and so on). But most information I looked up is for when you are already pregnant.

My question now though: Can I still continue with my programme while trying/early pregnancy?

I am currently on Abs R2 (just started) and would like to finish it and then start another one like Strong or FB30.

Provided we are very very lucky and would become pregnant in my next cycle (which will start the next few days), would finishing the last two weeks of Abs be harmful? Or would it even hinder me becoming pregnant?

Because as much as I love working out, it is still kinda stress (though the good kind) for the body? And even if it will not happen the first few tries, I would very much like to continue working out.

Do any of you have experience with trying and still continuing to work out?