JUMP Chalenge: Day FOUR


Hey, FB Fam! By now you should have some total body soreness going on, or be some kind of sore somewhere, so that means a well deserved active recovery day; one of the newer ones by Kelli! It has the words, "relaxing" and "easy" in the title, so that should feel pretty good right about now!

..And if you so dare, the EC has your jump rope fix; a 14 minute pyramid routine that touches up all over. It's a total body routine, so if you don't feel up to it, that's why it's in the extra credit. Otherwise have at it and never be afraid to modify! Here's the line up for today. It's 45 minutes if you do the EC. Warm up and cool down are in the main routine.

WORKOUT: Active recovery cardio & pilates




So how did this routine work for you? Are you getting any better or starting to develop a love (or hate) relationship with jump rope? In any way, I hope you enjoy and soak up today's lower impact day, because like how we came into this challenge, tomorrow we are going out with a bang! So start prepping yourself for that! But first, let's get our #JUMPCompletes for day four! You guys got this!

PS: Can't wait and need to see tomorrow's line up now? Or maybe you want to book mark this challenge for later? Details here: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/11736/jump-fb-community-challenge-schedule-results