How FB saved me from a toxic relationship


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share my story of how i discovered FB.

During 2016 i was 17 years old and i was in a relationship with a guy that at the time was also my best friend.

I am 155 cm tall and my weight is around 52 kg (it was the same at the time).

So, after some month of dating he began to tell me that i was fat, that other girls were beautiful and i wasnt like them. I was so frustrated by this. Our sexual life was the worst, he always blamed me for his lack of desire. He was my first boyfriend and i was so naive, i fell in his trap and began to workout. I began at my own pace but he wasn't happy with the slow results and he started to make plans for me. I over worked for a month, injured myself, stayed in hospital for some weeks and felt so pitiful and sad. I was depressed and he blamed me and my body for this result.

One day, while i was searching some new workout, i opened one of Kellis video and i fell in love with her. She was telling to listen to our body not to hate it, to workout smarter and not harder and to take pauses if I needed to. It was such a gentle breeze after a terrible storm. I began to workout with FB videos, i began to see how toxic was my relationship and i learned to love myself just the way i am. Break up with him the next month, never leaved FB after that first video. I'm now happy and healthy. I'm still struggling with some issues, I'm scared of relationship now, scared to be weak again and make another mistake. But for now, I'm going at my own pace and i fell good.

Im very grateful to FB, they literally saved my body and me! Thank you, thank you, thank you ♥♥♥