JUMP Challenge: Day THREE


Hey guys! How is the JUMP challenge treating you so far? If your legs need a break (I know mine do!) you are in luck! Today's routine features only a little bit of jump rope in addition to some ab work mixed in there with a kickboxing main course. So the upper body will be getting worked over pretty good today, especially if you tackle the EC: A newer ten minute upper body strength video by Kelli! So if you like Upper body day, get to a Kim level excited about this and prepare for some jelly arms today! Here's the full line up for today which is a total of 46 minutes.



WORKOUT: Kickboxing & Abs


EXTRA CREDIT: Upper Body Strength




Alright, FB Fam, after today's #JUMPComplete workout, we will officially be halfway through the challenge! Let me know how you made today work for you and how much you enjoyed/endured today's line up! Thanks again for participating!

PS: Any time you need to see the full schedule and some jump rope pointers, read this post: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/11736/jump-fb-community-challenge-schedule-results