Done with the holidays...and I LOST WEIGHT!


Yall! I got on the scale after holidays and didn't expect much. I used to be very emotionally affected by the read out on the scale. Working out with FB for the past 4 months has really helped me change my mindset and goals. Still obviously want to lose the extra fat, but I'm much more ok with the natural ups and downs that come with all the great celebrations around the holidays.

But I was so surprised to find that I lost 2 lbs! Throughout the whole season I ate my normal healthy breakfast and lunch meals 100% of the time, but dinners, because of parties and such, were a little more chaotic. Probably good 60% of the time. I kept repeating to myself what D&K say, "One meal doesn't make you fit, so one meal isn't going to make you unfit."

And it totally paid off! I had a great holiday season, and I wasn't thrown way off by it all. I'm ready to continue eating well and exercise a bit more than I have been. But it's so satisfying to see my body respond well to treating it well.

Anyway wanted to share that success!